Where’s the Del Playa? Beachside Edition

If you know Isla Vista, you know that the only time it truly shines is when the sun is shining, too. That pesky May gray has finally cleared out and so have lecture halls because why the hell would you go to class if it’s 76 degrees outside and Sands is closer to your house than the grocery store? 

Here’s some fine IV residents simultaneously hanging out cliffside and pushing the gingham check and floral printed shirt agenda.

Festival Style: Extravaganza 2018

UCSB’s annual spring music festival may have hit off to a rocky start – was anyone else glued to their Free & For Sale notifications since Monday? I have never seen a student body so incensed over a free event but that’s just my opinion. But if we know anything about the UCSB student body is that we will innovate 100,00 reiterations of the crop top and shorts look before anyone can try and stop us. The lineup, subject to extensive debate in the days before, brought good energy and stellar performances from artists who actually wanted to be there. The weather cooperated to an extent; warm but overcast enough to avoid awkward strappy tan lines from overcomplicated bralettes. 

The masses turned up and turned out; here’s a look at a few of the best looks we saw at Harder Stadium that sunny Sunday. 


I Borrowed It From My Momma

My sister has recently turned 16, gotten her license and surpassed my level of music taste all within a matter of months. I went home this weekend and as I raided her closet for an outfit for mother’s day brunch, I realized her style has evolved and far exceeded mine too. I guess living in Isla Vista has turned me into something of a sucker for low effort harem pants and crop top looks.

Sis threw on a knotted white tee, navy suede biker jacket and hella on trend gingham pants – that gold skull necklace is our mom’s but it’s too cute not to steal. sunglasses are stylist’s own, aka borrowed from a friend and never returned.

When did she get so much cooler than me?





On any given weekday I spend about an hour of my time on campus people watching at the Arbor, on Pardall, and just getting from class to class and admiring the style around UCSB. I have hundreds of mental screenshots of outfits I’ve fallen in love with as seen on girls and guys biking down DP, skateboarding in the bike lanes, or sipping kombucha outside the co-op.

There’s something so special to me about the way this town functions on a daily basis. For the Multimedia project, I am considering exploring a mini fashion blog with street style-esque snapshots of people around Isla Vista. I want this blog to be part fashion-oriented site with photography and commentary and part love letter to my beloved beach town.

I would love to get my hands on a digital camera and gain more experience shooting and editing, but I’m also intrigued by the idea of using a disposable camera for a DIY capture-and-post aesthetic of a street style blog. I would definitely keep this blog active during my travels abroad to London and elsewhere this fall. My dream is to write for a fashion magazine, and running a self-motivated and published blog would be a great exercise in honing my voice and staying actively inspired.

As they say in the Fashion World, watch this space.


May 1, 2018

This is a test post to test what content appears at my homepage, and in what order. I am currently not interesting enough to be posting blog-style content on a regular basis, but should something interesting enough to post come up, you’ll more than likely see it pop up here.


Here’s an image to spice up this placeholder post.